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Snapsis Menu - How to Buy

Posted: July 02, 2009
Snapsis Menu - How to Buy

Snapsis Menu - How to buy & a summary

How you can buy Snapsis CSS Menu 

For those with a Snowcovered account - you can buy the menu directly - single use and developer 

If you have a Snapsis Account - you can purchase directly from John's site - and if you use DNNSKINS in the coupon code, you'll get an extra 25% discount - very generous I think. 

Snapsis Developer License - Normally $149 but using DNNSKINS in coupon box will give you 25% Discount ($111.75)

Snapsis Single Use License - Normally $39.00 and available for only ($29.95) using DNNSKINS in the coupon box.

Or you can simply purchase any of our skins from dnnskins.com - we have an arrangement with John that allows us to package the menu in all our skins we offer for sale. Depending upon the price, you can use for one site or more. 

The Standard Packages allow for you to purchase a single license skin with the single use menu included, and away you go with a ready to run design. Most people buying this package like what they see, want to have the quickest route to being online, don't want to make many changes, maybe a css change or two. 

The Premium Package allows you to purchase a single license skin, with a single user menu license included, and the PSD file for you to make your changes to it. It's typically suited to people who like the design but might want to add some more customisation to it. The PSD files are clean layered files allowing you to extend the design further. We want you to look good. 

The Enterprise Package allows you to purchase reuse license of skins purchased on dnnskins.com - It means you can buy it once, onsell to your customers and incorporate in your projects. You also will get signficantly discounted skins when you purchase again, as we believe that if you have invested in our enterprise package, you will be offering skins to your clients, and we'd like to make it as affordable as possible.

The Install Package is available only for those who have purchased an Enterprise Package - it allows you to buy theh skins, download, install and go, no menu is provided, no psd files - but really well priced skins so you can make a few dollars when you resell your services to client.

When looking for something to truly utilise as your 'core product offerings' in an open source environment, it's important to consider what is involved in the overall cost to your business time wise.

Not everything in the opensource community is free. While you can often get 'free' solutions, at best, they are not always supported and whether it's one year, two years or three years down the track, it can and does catch up with you as you accumulate more and more sites utilising the 'free solution' and often it's inability to keep up with updates. While this is not true for all situations, I am only covering what I have noticed having worked in the open space environment for the last 7 years. (It's been an eye opener to say the least) 

I think you'll enjoy using Snapsis CSS Menu as much as I have because...

  • For single site users, the Snapsis menu single install is a perfect solution that has been throroughly tested over hundreds if not thousands of skins.
  • Snapsis CSS Nav menu has been written and supported by one of the most respected developers in the DotNetNuke community.
  • The choice of licensing - eg.. single use, developer / reseller options at incredibly fair pricing gives you the ability to support the developer correctly and add value to your business by making it your 'default' menu system.
  • Once you learn how diverse the menu is, you'll cut hours off your skinning time.
  • The templating system for those wanting to be a little more creative, means you can extend Snapsis to do more work that encompasses javascript management.
  • Using a SkinObject to handle your menu solutions means your clients won't be touching anything on the site accidently.
  • Using a SkinObject is one less module to have installed, and that makes the site faster.
  • No longer will you need to be envious of those fancy menus you've seen on dynamic drive, or cssplay, or exploding boys - these open source menus that are lightweight, fast and slick.... and work.. all fit into this menu system.
  • It's relatively bug free. (I say this because it's software and I'm not a fool to say everything is perfect). This product isn't launched for you to test and the developer to fix.
  • Updates and fixes are done quickly and do not disrupt the current installation of the menu.
  • The support forum is active and allows you to contribute, ask questions or simply challenge John - he's going to hate me saying this - but I know he loves a challenge. Intelligent ones of course.. :-)

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about this really great product and it inspires you to do more with DNN that you may have felt was out of your depth.

 Nina Meiers

XD Design

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