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Last Post 04/08/2008 10:04 AM by kxdhost
XDbrassknuckles horizontal scroll bar & fonts?
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04/08/2008 7:03 AM

    I love the XDbrassknuckles skin that you have on your site!   

    I'm running into two issues that I need some assistance with:

     1)   When the site comes up, the page displays with a horizontal scroll bar with a 1024x768 resolution.    This even happened when I viewed the sample on your site. 

    2)   When I view the site in internet explorer 6.0, I receive a message "This page uses fonts that need to be temporarily installed. This is usually safe.   Do you want to allow these fonts to be down loaded."   I can easily correct this message by changing my IE settings to not prompt for font downloads.   But, I didn't want people visiting my site to have to perform this same function.      

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.     Thanks! 


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    04/08/2008 10:04 AM

    Ok - I have to point out - these designs are not mine - i have only made them work with DNN and some use coding that I don't use, but they are there to learn from.  You'll see that skins under 'competition' reflect modified competition skins that have been updated to work in DNN 4.

    To get the most out of some of these skins you will have to modify them yourself. I have made them as user friendly as possible, but as you can imagine, the power of one makes it very difficult to make other people's work work well.

    That font structure is something I don't use myself because I don't believe in making people download things to make a skin work. (flash & silverlight are an exception to the rule)

    So, I guess you're seeing how other people code skins and the repercussions. 

    I would have to open the file and examine why it does this and then suggest fixes but I can't do this for another couple of weeks.


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