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Last Post 09/07/2009 8:24 PM by kxdhost
.PSD files and free skins
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08/07/2009 6:55 PM
    Hi there - DNN is so perfect for my needs. Holding (almost) no technical skills i'm fooling around between friends, customers and developers and once in a while i get a site up'n running.

    But i was never really satisfied with my own skills on the skinning scene - i made one or two my self but i really have a lack when it comes to graphichs (especially creating my own ones). I'm simply not a colorful ad creative kind of guy  - the best way to say it is: - "i can change things in photoshop, but i can't start from scratch". Having the graphics though, i can handle the rest of the skinning tasks.

    Does anyone know how i could come around this one ? - is is possible to (even buy....) access to e.g. the .PSDs of the XDC5Tranquility skin ?, are there somewhere a heaven of "download all these .PSD's and combine them on your own" or does anyone hold another brilliant idea that could help me ?

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    09/07/2009 12:28 PM
    There are tons of free photoshop images available online, you can take any of those images and crop/edit them to your suiting.

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    09/07/2009 8:24 PM
    Ha - I've not seen that link before

    I know what he means though and we have been trying to work out some ways to generate some income here to bring DNNSKINS to something that is self sustaining instead of the thousands and thousands it costs me each year and wondered if people would pay a few dollars to get some really nice PSD files out of the files we have online.

    The issue I see is that these didn't come with psds, nor were they designed to have them. I did have some with my mediablue skins, but it seems no one wants to spend any money in buying them and some of these skins would take several hours just to make one nice one, and I unfortunately, it's not sustainable for me to do this.

    We are working on some more features for dnnskins, and once I recover from this terrible flu I've had which has knocked me flat, then you'll see some cool things coming online to make things easier for the 'non designer' to make use of.

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