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Last Post 13/08/2008 10:16 PM by kxdhost
2 Questions: Download Problem & Looking for Skin
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locket01 New Member New Member Posts:2
07/08/2008 2:33 PM

    I am brand new to this and DotNet Nuke.  I tried to download Midnight Blue tonight and it went to a "Page Not Available" error every time.  I have it in "My Downloads" as Not Shipped twice.  What can I do?

    I am trying to build a "family" site for my family and extended family; a sort of community site where each family (it will house my familly, my parents, 3 siblings-two married) has their own site with photos, journal, news, etc.  Everyone could view each others area and only change and update their own.  What skins would work best for that type of application.

    Looking for help... Tom

    locket01 New Member New Member Posts:2
    13/08/2008 6:49 AM

    No need for a reply at this point, I bought a skin from Snowcovered.  Could still use some advice on how to change some of the features, such as the DNN Logo and the imbedded .gif file.  The skin is Alldnnskins-10600 under the family site genre.  Let me know if I am too novice for you all, but a reply would be appreciated.  Thanks!

    kxdhost I'm the boss! Basic Member Basic Member Posts:227
    13/08/2008 10:16 PM

    sometimes you have to actually change the images that are used in the skin - it seems a bit silly for a skin to be released for sale with a logo embedded in the image, but hey - crazier things have happened.

    But to change logos - you go to Admin / Site Settings and then you can upload your own logo - does this help.


    sorry about the delays in responding - it's been very busy here on the launch of a big project.


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