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Last Post 05/08/2009 1:52 PM by kxdhost
Free vertical menu skin
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ragchen New Member New Member Posts:2
31/07/2009 9:32 PM

    I'm trying to create a menu as shown in attachment and looking for a free vertical menu skin. Could you please direct me to appropriate page, if there is one.

    Also how do i skin individual modules like anouncements to have a rounded border, custom title with image etc. Please let me know.

    kxdhost I'm the boss! Basic Member Basic Member Posts:227
    05/08/2009 1:52 PM
    I don't have any free skins that look like that sorry - it's a bit more work involved in getting the menu to look like that.

    What you mean in reference to the borders/images around the content are 'containers' - they are like wrappers around modules that people use to decorate or show other things like rss feeds, image titles and print icons.

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