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Last Post 05/11/2008 12:24 AM by kxdhost
XDUnison - New Skin For Sale
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05/11/2008 12:24 AM

    We have a new skin available for sale on DNNSkins.com -

    Yes, at last it's a first, and we're getting things in order to have more visibility and more presence to make those wanting to try and buy skins, feeling confident they are getting a great product with good support.

    XDUnison - My site, My Choice

    You can view it ONLINE HERE - and purchase it HERE

    This skin is unique and offers only the SNAPSIS CSS  NAV MENU for true Search Engine Optimisation and is XHTML & CSS 2.1 compliant.

    Out of the box DNN is not quite compliant yet, but very very close, so we've had to tweak our code a little to get the result, but DNN 5 moves more towards compliancy than any other version and it's good news all round.

    I am very excited about this design as it has so much flexibility, is packaged with 6 menus, 30 different images and takes less than a minute to swap out the menus and images - in notepad, no experience necessary.

    Clean, Web 2.0 look, nice and large menu, inspired by something I saw online, and thought it was perfect for those wanting an articles or blogs type of site.

    • Really easy to work with.
    • Offered for sale with 4 options
    • Install and Go - no PSD files (which I think will suit about 90% of people) for a single install
    • Install and Go with PSD files for further customisation for a single install
    • Reseller Install and Go - no PSD files but licensed to reuse and resell for multiple installs not limited by portals
    • Reseller Install and Go with PSD file but licensed to reuse and resell for multiple installs not limited by portals
    • It includes one copy of the Snapsis CSS NAV MENU

    Nina Meiers

    Life is too short to be unhappy!