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Last Post 03/02/2010 8:21 PM by rekk1986
Content of menu admin and host are doubled
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karn New Member New Member Posts:2
06/07/2009 2:48 AM
    Hello, I downloaded the skin DXD5InTune and XDC5Knuckles, it's works fine but the content of menu admin/host are doubled,
    Anyone can help me?
    kxdhost I'm the boss! Basic Member Basic Member Posts:227
    06/07/2009 3:09 PM
    It is a bug with the icons having their path reference in the wrong place in that version of DNN.

    What you are seeing on the left is the name of the icons, not the picture.

    It will be rectified in the later versions of dnn.

    It is not you, it is not the skin, it is a bug in DNN.


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    karn New Member New Member Posts:2
    08/07/2009 1:14 AM

    ok thanks for you reply



    rekk1986 New Member New Member Posts:6
    03/02/2010 8:21 PM
    I really admire Nina. It seems that she know everything. She can answer any question.