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Last Post 01/01/1900 12:00 AM by Anonymous
Lost skins and menus everything after Installation DNN 4.8.2 on ISA Server 2004
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10/06/2008 12:55 AM

    I just created company's website based on XDNewBlue  and DNN 4.8.2. It works very well on internal. But when I moved it to ISA server 2004, and open home page, it just display the image and link on home page.

    The menu and all skins are lost.

    Based on current situation, I have to install the web application and Database on ISA server. The domain name is www.abc.com, and the IP is 

    Here are what I did:

    On DNS:

    1. Set www.abc.com to

    On IIS:

    2. Create virtual parth "webportal" under Default Web Site;

    3. Set Local Path to "D:\webportal", and Enable Defaulto Document to "Default.aspx";

    On ISA Server:

    4. Set HTTP to, and set Port to 80

    5. Set Internal Parth to "/", and External Parth to "/webportal/*"

    On DNND Database:

    5.  Set HTTP alias to www.abc.com/webportal

    Based on my test, I think the point is the parth setting on ISA confused the HTTP alias in DNN Database. But I tried all the combinations, and none of the work well.

     Anybody can help?  Many many many thanks in advance.

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