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Last Post 19/08/2007 7:26 PM by NinaXD
Welcome and let the journey begin!
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19/08/2007 7:26 PM

    Ok you're new to DNN or perhaps new to skinning, or perhaps new to the web and decided to use DotNetNuke as your chosen weapon for managing your website..

    And you created a skin, perhaps it was one from the range of Free DNN skins or one you created yourself, but it's not quite finished, or you want some honest opinions... well... drop us a link here..

    We'll give you our opinions, good and bad, and then, when if you mee the critieria... we'll drop you into the Showcase forum where you can have your site listed amongst the sterling DotNetNuke website that fill the internet globe and make your mark in history.

    This website isn't about how to teach you skinning - if you want to learn - visit http://www.skincovered.com - but this site is all about telling the world aboutyoru DotNetNuke skinning masterpiece... we want to hear from you.

    Nina Meiers

    Back on track for 2012
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