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Last Post 04/07/2009 11:57 PM by sr1sws
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sr1sws New Member New Member Posts:10
04/07/2009 12:25 PM
    I currently have two sites with 3essentials.  I can't say performance is much to brag on, but I can't say if that's 3essentials or DNN.

    Regardless, I'd appreciate any recommendations for DNN supporting hosts.

    kxdhost I'm the boss! Basic Member Basic Member Posts:227
    04/07/2009 6:54 PM
    We do hosting - but it's not the standard out of the box hosting because we restrict who has access to what on the server.

    Having said that - I have one client who resells dnn - he had about 40 sites on 3 different hosters, dedicated servers, reseller plans and was really having a hard time keeping them running.

    I worked with him on organising an infrastructure that met his needs. 

    He has migrated about 40 of the to us now. No dedicated servers, no control panels, no worries about email, we handle it all.

    His last 6 sites were hacked last week through the control panel I think, I'm not sure, but he is now hurrying to move the rest across to us.

    I said to him - I'm not going to tell you that we will never be in the same situation and I can't guarantee 100% that we'll never be hacked or have problems... and his reply was  - 'I know - but you're not just a web hosting company'  - and he's right - we host, we have incredibly robust equipment, but we don't offer the same structure as other hosting companies and some people don't like that 'loss of control'.

    But here is what I say to it - We limit host access to our client sites in all cases unless they are responsible resellers, and / or, they have a written agreement with us that we know exactly what is going on to our servers, and we have tested it locally and agree that it can be run.  We are not about stopping your business from running or applying the code you need, but we are about STOPPING the use of known modules that suck the life out of any web server.

    I've been hosting DNN sites for around 6 years now, and hosting other sites for over 10 years.

    We host over 250 sites. Our customers rely on their websites being up and running and their email working, and they just want to do business doing dnn. 

    All the new sites we bring into our hosting environment are given the 'once over' and we'll check them for performance, site and skin improvements, work with the owners to tweak them and get them running like a charm.

    However, as I said, the price is - you don't get to run amock with modules on any XD server, but the other side of it is you get a really enjoyable experience with managing your website and we give incredible hands on support since we have in our office, a tight team of people who know dnn, not hosting, but DNN and we have in our IT team who manage the servers, people who know about hosting.

    We also know the names of our clients and we treat your websites, as if it was our own.

    And, since I run my sites along with my client sites I know how it's performing at all times.

    So there you have it - we host clients who companies are based in Australia, UK, US and New Zealand at this stage. 

    I am talking with someone about a US box as we have some new people who have their businesses based in Europe where I think US is important.

    So, I can help you with hosting, and we can make dnn run faster because we set it up as it should be, not how it's more profitable for hosters by slowing it down to fit more sites on their servers.

    Life is too short to be unhappy!
    sr1sws New Member New Member Posts:10
    04/07/2009 11:57 PM
    Awesome, thanks Nina. I appreciate your openness and support. I'm really a noob to web sites, DNN and skinning. I'm an unemployed IT professional, but not a developer. I was/am an infrastructure person - so at least I know what I don't know. I appreciate your patience with helping to answer my questions ;-)

    I'm based in the US, so the thought of a state-side server farm is appealing - and may be more so to my clients who are all doing US business.

    I currently have 1 site pending. When the client is ready, I'll check further on your hosting setup. I like using DNN because it's allowed me to get up to speed pretty quickly.


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