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Last Post 19/08/2007 7:32 PM by NinaXD
Seen a stunner? We'd love to know
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19/08/2007 7:32 PM

    If you've seen a truly remarkable DotNetNuke website, then share it here.. there aren't many places that allow you to blatantly advertise your website and your skills... and even if you didn't create it, it's ok - you can can share your fantastic site so we can all view the power of DotNetNuke.

    Now, if you've created it, please share with us some of your challenges.. we understand you dont' want to share your secrets and don't expect you to, but for those who want to learn about skining, your insight might just be the step they need to keep going with DNN, even when, at times we think it's just a pain in the butt!!

    Thanks and I'm really looking forward to your inspiring stories!

    Nina Meiers

    Back on track for 2012
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