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Last Post 31/10/2011 6:42 PM by NinaXD
CSS problems
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Sugumar New Member New Member Posts:1
29/09/2011 3:08 PM
    I am new to dotnetnuke, I want to download the Skin.css, Portal.css, default.css files, So that I can modify to my taste,

    I am unable to find these files, Pls let me know where these files are located, how to get it.

    For one of my site we are using Minimal Extropy and for another site we are using Bright Skin.

    Pls help me in this regard.
    NinaXD DNNSkins Rocks Advanced Member Advanced Member Posts:13
    31/10/2011 6:42 PM
    Portals/_default is where the portal.css file and default.css file reside. - that manages the generic information for the portal that generally is handled within dnn and may have some references where modules are built and use admin css code.

    Portals/0 and if you have child portals as well - eg. Portals/1, Portals/2 etc, have a portal.css file that allows you to customise specific elements related to that portal only - so it's 'local' rather than global.

    skin.css resides in any Skins/Skinname/skin.css folder - it handles things at the skin level.

    Because DNN has most likely thousands of css references, it is split up to allow - Global - everything is handled, Local Portal - where it's handled per portal and Skin where it's handled on a file by file basis.

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