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Last Post 31/10/2011 6:38 PM by NinaXD
Can you help me????
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31/10/2011 3:19 PM

    I am looking for a skin similar to the one I built.  I am a fairly new DNN user, and only a moderate level programmer. 

    My skin It is exactly what I wanted and has GREAT flexibility, BUT I have had a lot of trouble with my skin building and programming.  It CRASHES often. Right now the ads are all free for friends until I can make it stable.

    I need a skin that works ALL of the time, not just most of the time  

    My skin puts a paid ad banner that rotates down through list of all banners in sql. The banner is above menu and a place on left for my logo. Click on banner and it goes to ad owner’s site.   On EVERY page of site users see a rotating ad based on SQL database entries.  It knows what was last ad displayed and rotates through entire list of ads no matter how many there are.  It is based on the page request and NOT the user.  So it moves down through ads no matter how many ads or users. If I had 100 ads (I WISH) then if someone saw ad 27, then the next page delivered (any page with Banner)  to ANY user would be ad 28. So ad number 99 is shown as often as ad 1 and I keep a log of how many times each ad is shown and when.   That works great.

    I even had rotating ads on side that are specific to the page plus it put in a Yahoo rotating ad with every page refresh.  If someone wanted an ad JUST on the School page, then they can buy the side ad and it will rotate through based on how many ads are specific to school page.  If no ads have been sold for that page I have two default ads (about my site) plus it shows the Yahoo ad.  If I had much traffic, I would make a little on yahoo ads.

     I have a nice admin module to upload images and to delete old ad images and even compress the database. 

    My site is www.Pearland.com 

    It would be a great module for a professional programmer to take, clean up and market. It is very close to great, but close only counts in Horse shoes, hand granades and atomic bombs.

    It is exactly what I wanted, but not reliable as is.  

    So I want to find a reliable skin that is similar and that I can HOPEFULLY be able to sell banner ads on my site with. 

     Does anyone know of a skin similar to this?

     It would be great to MAKE money on the site instead of always spending money.   LOL 

    Houston, Texas


    DNNSkins Rocks
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    Advanced Member

    31/10/2011 6:38 PM
    What I don't understand here Joel is what you are asking for? Do you need a space for a banner to be in a different location in the skin?

    Back on track for 2012
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