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Skin #01 for Facebook Fans

Posted: May 21, 2009
Skin #01 for Facebook Fans

I've been making alot of changes to how I work and operate in business in general.  Although the economy has been quiet for some, for us, we've really only noticed people a little slower in getting their project work to us, hence it's given us some gaps in our work schedule that I've loved because it has given me the opportunity to get some 'housekeeping' done.

What a time I've had to reflect on managing, growing, researching and trying to find a balance between making something people want to see and being able to physically manage a site that is always changing.

I decided to work with facebook and see how that goes since everyone is raving about it, but what is the benefit of 'fans' unless they like what you do and get rewarded?

What better way that to make being a fan of a skinning site worthwhile than to offer free skins for people joining.  That's what we've done, so, if you have a facebook account and become a fan of dnnskins, for every 20 people we have become fans, then we'll do a new free skin.

Today, we reached 21 fans, so we have uploaded and have ready to download this lovely skin, but it's a bit different to what people normally use. There is no menu in it, we've used the 'links' skinobject, and a 'admin only' menu when logged in, to give better management.

Here's the menu when you are logged in -

 A dnn menu you see only when logged in.

It's not a perfect solution, but if you want a simple blog style skin or perhaps a web 2.0 look and feel, then you will enjoy working with this style of skin.

It has only two skins, no containers - and was modified for dnn as faithfully as possible from the designer at Carbon Silk.

I hope you enjoy this pretty skin and the fact it's xhtml and css compliant is a plus!


  Free CSS

Nina Meiers




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