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Skin #02 for Facebook Fans

Posted: June 10, 2009
Skin #02 for Facebook Fans

I have been really pleased with the response, without any advertising or marketing, to the uptake of DNN skins on Facebook.

We need to get these things into perspective ok, because this is a niche group, not much social interaction, but something that gives us some rythm in structure in how we add our skins to the website.

Sure we could add in a new skin each week, but sometimes the timing isn't right, and this gives us the ability to gauge the traffic and interest in general.

So, this new skin for the 40th Facebook fan to join, is one from Free CSS templates, and again, we're using the same approach - using the links skin object to create the top level menu.

This skin is also a DNN XHTML & CSS compliant skin which is very cool to know and of course it has a hidden solpart menu when logged in so you can manage the website.

We chose this skin for it's colours - nice and bright, and the look is very much in keeping with the designs of today.

Of course with some modifacation, you could add another menu, and we'll probably have it available for our Enterprise users with the snapsis menu embedded so they can download it and use on their projects, but that's not the case at the moment -it's just available using the links and hidden solpart menu skin.

It is packaged free skin for dotnetnuke 5 and dotnetnuke 4, since not everyone is using dnn 5 yet.

I hope you enjoy this skin - we look forward to bringing more online in the coming weeks.

New CSS & XHTML skin for dotnetnuke

Nina Meiers


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