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Skin #03 for Facebook Fans

Posted: June 15, 2009
Skin #03 for Facebook Fans

Oh my - it seems that the Facebook fans page seems to be getting a bit of interest - with only a few of our emails sent out - the rest to go out tomorrow, it seems that it's been quite popular and we'll be working hard to keep up.

So, this skin is again, using the solpart menu when logged in - we are looking at swapping to the dnn nav menu when we get the time, but you only see it when logged in so it's look and feel is not as important as it's functionality.

I have been browsing through quite a few of the free css template websites and trying to find ones that are fairly simple and generic in their look and feel to keep in line with making something available that's lightweight, is relatively easy to do and reasonably easy to make compliant.

I have seen a few other simple design that might be appealing and we are working towards making some tutorials online when we catch up with the free skins we're packaging and I suspect this will die down somewhat once our email campaign for this week has been completed.

We have another newsletter to go out on Friday with some more cool information and a couple of site updates.

Thanks for your participation.

What I'd like to do next is get some sort of voting system up and running for everyone to vote on what they want online next.  But all in good time.

Nina Meiers


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