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Skin #04 for Facebook Fans

Posted: June 25, 2009
Skin #04 for Facebook Fans

Well the first mail out kept us busy and with Paul away racing this week, and incredibly busy Catalook week, we needed a day or so more to get our skins organised, but here they come.

This skin is called PinkFloat - another very pretty and light CSS based skin using the Links skinobject as the basis of the top level menu.

It's interesting seeing how these skins look when transposed from their original static html layout to a dotnetnuke skin, and I noticed on this one, in particular, the fonts could do with a little more tweaking. 

We simply didn't have enough time this week to do that but it's on our to do list.

Sometimes when we're doing these skins, we'll use the existing code and simply add in our dotnetnuke functionality, but that's not always the easiest way to go and it's often quicker for our team to build the skin from scratch.

I was surprised when we discussed how to convert the skins fairly quickly, and we are looking at the skin structure in the first place, to determine whether a layout in xhtml or html is ok to use without getting bogged down in the details.

Sometimes, the way the divs have been structured, don't allow for the 'porting to dnn' as easily as we'd like.  It does show how many variations there in creating what people like to call 'xhtml compliant' skins and even though they may be based completely on css, they are not always straightforward to pick up and convert.

This has been an observation since we have grown our list of fans who are now waiting for our skins to appear online, and we are excited to have a nice 'collection' of layouts to work with.

I hope you enjoy this bright and cheerful skin.

XD Free Skin for facebook fans - Pink Float

Nina Meiers


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