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Skin #05 for Facebook Fans

Posted: June 26, 2009
Skin #05 for Facebook Fans

I really liked this skin - I thought the effects, using the links skinobject again, styled and displayed in vertical format, depicted a simple looking business site that allowed you to put in some search engine friendly H1 tagged information in the top section with a mission statement that could be added to each page, or a different message on each page.

Just for your information, in case you didn't know, Google looks through your pages and identifies key words that make up part of the search. It uses the formatting of the page in a logical sense, just like you would do in a word document - headers, sub headers, lists, italics.... all these pieces of information are usually segmented in a way you want the words to be noticed.

With html, and this example skin, it's an ideal way to lay out the content by displaying the information using the same concept.

This is an ideal skin to get you started and understand the importance of having logical, correctly worded and formatted information by using shorter words, words you want people to find with when using search engines, and catchy short phrases that can explain to a first time user, in a short amount of time, what it is your company does and what your key 'points of difference' are.

Sometimes people forget this when they are doing their websites and the designs don't lend themselves to this type of display option, but I think it's important to consider especially when starting out, with approximately 4.5 websites going online every second of every minute, of every day since the beginning of 2009 and you want a bit more of an edge to give you some momentum.

Anyway - we chose this skin for it's good looks, and, the ability to create those 'introduction' headlines quickly and easily.

Enjoy this very good looking skin!

Another cool free xhtml skin by dnnskins.com

Nina Meiers


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