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Vision for 2010 for DNNSkins

Posted: January 04, 2010
After an incredibly challenging 2009, with some hardware issues that I thought would be the end of me, we ended up finishing the year with plenty of work for the new year.
Like anything, we try, but sometimes fail in getting all the skins online that we'd love to see in use, and it's not been for the lack of trying, but simply because we have so many things to manage and maintain but simply not having the resources.
I thought long and hard over Christmas while we had our incredibly short break, and of course being unwell with a chest cold for nearly three weeks, seemed unfair that once again, two steps forward and one step back.
Nevertheless, we try to move forward each year with different things until we get the mix right.  I think we are closer and whether we get there or not, well I'm not even going to let it worry me like it used to because this year is one I am dedicating to more fun and more colour. 
I am going to change the website again, to have more fun and add in a couple of modules to help me display the skins differently and in general, work with some ideas I've had on how to put more information online.
Lots of people use the forums for their download management but it's never really appealed to me to work like that, and I was playing around with the Ventrian Property Agent and hoping I could make a cool, categorised download area for skins.  It was just an idea. I had also briefly looked at open web studio and xmod, but for now will see how much I can do with propertyagent module from Ventrian.
I have some tutorials which I have yet to get online, after being unwell for so long, I simply ran out of steam and had to focus on our internal work as you can all imagine when you run a business you need to make sure you keep the dollars coming in.
So, once again,  we move ahead with another year, glad to see 2009 behind us, approaching this new decade with the view to have more fun, not let things that we can't control get us down and just sharing information that might help a few people. Sometimes I don't know what people want to hear about. I certainly don't want appear to repeat myself and wonder what do people want to listen to.
Thanks for all your support and great comments and I sincerely wish everyone a great new year for 2010.

Nina Meiers


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