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Skin Help Glossary

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Skin does not show

Installed a skin and seeing a folder but nothing in it?? 

Chances are you've installed a zipped zipped folder.

When you install a skin and it doesn't show, tha'ts most likely because you have zipped a folder in a folder, or in most cases not unzipped the zip file you're wanting to install and had a quick look inside.

Most skins you get will be part of a package that needs to unzipped to read the instructions, terms, extract the source files, etc, so, BEFORE you install a skin. 


Skin Management Best Practices

Best practices for managing skins is to get into a routine on how you want them to be displayed and managed.

  1. Do UNZIP every skin package you get first to check that there are not extra files, instructions or other zip files containing the skin package
  2. Do read the creators instructions, especially if there are flash and other items requiring Javascript that migt require upload via FTP to get working properly
  3. Do respect the creators copyright credits and requests for code to remain in place.  Many of the largest websites in the world, often use other people's code and it remains intact in the code as requested, and often improvements can be made and further enhanced.  Many dnn modules are in fact licensed code from non dnn environments packaged and wrapped to work in dnn.  It is a PLUS to follow Net Ettiquette in your work.
  4. Do check you have all the menus installed that may be required run a special skin - such as Snapsis and House Menu
  5. DO NOT apply directly to site without testing.  A problem with your skin will NEVER break your dnn installation, but i WILL AND DOES stop the page from being displayed and you may not be able to log in until you have fixed which might require FTP.  This is very common when people try to upload and install a container as a skin and there is no menu or skin tokens to even show you how to log in.  It is a common error.
  6. DO NOT attempt to rebuild your website when a skin breaks - all you need to do is use FTP and download a working skin, rename to the faulty skin you applied, and re upload via FTP and OVERWRITE IT.   It may look ugly but it will work and you can go in and reset the whole site to a default skin and delete the offending one.


Uploading Skins

Firstly - are you logged in as admin or host?

To upload skins to your website portal, there are a couple of small checks to put in place to upload skins how you want and WHERE you want them to be.  DotNetNuke allows us to have mutiple websites on one single installation depending if you log in as host or admin, your skin will be uploaded to different places.

Host Logins

  1. If you answered host, then, if you use the Host/Skins location then the skins will be uploaded to the _default/skins folder. If you have chosen multi portal installations, uploading skins here will allow EVERYONE to see and select those skins.
  2. If you want onl one portal to see that skin, you will need to log in to that specific portal and upload the skin under their Admin/Skins area.  Then only that person can see their skins for their portal.

Admin Logins

  1. If you answered admin, then you need to check that you have correct permissionsto upload skins.  By default, only hosts can upload skins to the website.  You will need to contact the site administrator to give you the correct permissions to use the skin uploaded to manage your skins.
  2. If you go to Admin/Skins you can upload your skins here and they will be visible for you to apply to your site.