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Last Post 18/02/2010 11:03 AM by kxdhost
XDDesign Away in Firefox
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blancaster201 New Member New Member Posts:1
28/01/2010 4:25 PM
    I love the skin design with the rainbow color nav bar, but the drop menu disappears in Firefox until you mouse over it. White writing on white background...it doesn't work. It works great in IE. Any suggestions? Using 5+ in DNN.
    kxdhost I'm the boss! Basic Member Basic Member Posts:227
    18/02/2010 11:03 AM
    Hi Beth - I thought I'd answered this - sorry - The skin may need updating but there are issues mainly due to the fact that the sub menu requires a lot more tweaking with Firefox. I have not looked at it lately, and I guess we should revisit it again as each time a browser is released, there appears to be a new set of challenges.

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