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Last Post 10/01/2009 12:04 AM by kxdhost
DNN 5 Skins for DotNetNuke
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10/01/2009 12:04 AM

    Thanks for your patience, we've have 2 XD Staff working 5 days on getting these skins prepared for DotNetNuke 5 (DNN Cambrian)

    It is not a straightforward task and has put us behind in our work, but we needed to learn the process and feel we have about the best knowledge around on how to package these skins.

    We have modified each one, tested every single one, and now I am currently zipping them up and uploading to server.

    The will not contain the original files, as these are in the DNN 3 & 4 downloads.

    They MUST NOT be installed on your DNN 4 website as it will break and we won't take any responsibility for that.

    Those with the toolbar installed will be notified first as we bring them online and then we'll launch for all of you to download and enjoy.

    Nina Meiers

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