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Skin #06 for Facebook Fans

Posted: June 26, 2009
Skin #06 for Facebook Fans

Well, I know we have a few free CSS skins for dotnetnuke that appear to be green, but that's what the trend seems to be, and while we looked at quite a few to convert, honestly, we loved how this one looked.  Coloured background, couple of nice containers, and FreshiFresh has such a funky name.. who couldn't want to do this very slick skin.

So we did, and with all the skins we provide, we make sure there is an admin skin so you can lay your admin pages out nicely, and keep the balance and integrity, especially with the register pages or modules that might be a bit wider, a plain admin page is always a good option.

With this skin, we've also created a left pane section. The css based skins we have to work with, primarily come with a right pane only, as it seems to be the trend of alot of sites, no left menu, just right, two column layouts, single level menus.

Once again, we've used the Links skinobject and styled it as closely to the original layout and the solpart menu is visible when logged in as administrator or host, just up the top to allow you to navigate around the site easily.

In this and many of the other skins we do, we try to keep the css as close as possible to the original design. It's not always our preferred option, but we want to keep the design as close as possible to the original static html file.

What you can do is download and check out these designs, and make some subtle changes to the CSS or simply learn how to create by looking at the code.

We are working on some articles to give you further insight, but they won't be online for a short time yet.

I like this skin, I know it's green, I know we have a few green skins but it's quite a pretty layout and great to add to your library of designs.


free green dnn skin

Nina Meiers


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