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Skin #07 for Facebook Fans

Posted: June 26, 2009
Skin #07 for Facebook Fans

Waiting for our 140th user to join our Facebook Fans page and we'll be releasing our dark, clubcard skin. It's only got a bit of green in it, but  nicely laid out and the menu structure we thought was appealing.

To get it to work as expected skins have to be set at xhtml 1.0 transitional and you'll need to ensure the containers are applied to view the light text on dark and the dark text on light.

It's a simple design, once again we've put in the extra pane, but it's worth noting that these skins are all very simple in their layout since most of the css skins are these days.

Sometimes I think the designs get wayyyy to complicated and we forget about the management side of things. You soon get tired of a crappy admin interface when you have a website that is so complicated in design that it breaks whenever you're logged in as administrator.

So, this skin will appear online, when we have out 140th Facebook fan - make sure you're part of it to keep these free skins going.

Sure they're alot of work, and my husband says I'm crazy - but hey - if you like, participate and show you're interested, then I'm interested in also making an effort.

Join our fan page to make it happen

For our 140th Fan - a new free skin from dnnskins

Nina Meiers

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