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Skin #12 for Facebook Fans

Posted: July 08, 2009
Skin #12 for Facebook Fans

Now this was a change of style completely and was converted with the community site in mind. We've done alot of standard business style free skins but this time, we thought we would do something a little different and I think it's done exceptionall well as a html file and looks great as a seasonal skin. Suitably named Forester, this skin has beautiful earth colours and I tested the background image for it's repeat actions -  it really does a fantastic job in creating a completely seamless background image allowing you to have a vibrant look that maintains it's integrity.

What I have found at times that using the 'fixed background' and attaching via css to top of page can work well in some designs, but not in all and I find for some layouts, fixed backgrounds disrupt the flow of the site, so the use of nicely finished 'repeatable backgrounds' is well used in this site.

The criteria we use when choosing skins to release are -

  • how well the html has been coded for us to work with
  • how the images are used in the design in reference to ease of converting to dnn
  • how complicated the menu is (most of these designs / free temlpates come with a single level menu which is how we got the idea of using the Links skinobject for the menu system)
  • how long they would take us to convert (this is a non profit site and all maintenance is funded by XD Design in part of our committment to provide good skins for the dnn comunity)
  • how common the look and feel is compared to what we've got online now
  • is there something cool and unusual about the design that might be appealing
  • can someone without too much experience take this design and enhance it
  • does the licensing meet the guidelines in how we are going to use it

I think this is a good design for someone wanting to utilise a more vibrant and casual look on their website.

Enjoy - and this was to celebrate the fact we now have over 240 fans on facebook!

very cool free skin for dotnetnuke


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